Monday, April 27, 2009

A Walkable NYC = A Liveable NYC

This past weekend I stopped by the Earth Day Green Festival at Grand Central and picked up a brochure about vision42 - a plan to replace traffic all along 42nd Street with pedestrian zones and light rail transit.

This sounds a little bit like Bloomberg's plans for Broadway (read about those here and here).

Granted, I no longer own a car, so I may be biased towards pedestrian-centric city planning, but the thing is: it works. According to this article, "...when planners in Seoul tore down a six-lane highway a few years ago and replaced it with a five-mile-long park, many transportation professionals were surprised to learn that the city’s traffic flow had actually improved, instead of worsening." [via VeryShortList]

For more about this kind of stuff, check out these articles from GOOD magazine's latest traffic-centric issue:
And check out today's Recession This!

[Photo by Randy Levine]

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