Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Periodic Table

Though a geek, I am not enough of a science nerd to know much 'bout chemistry. And yet, the Periodic Table of Elements holds a vague fascination for me. A while ago I came across this series of videos that show what each element does, via science experiments performed by people who sound like Monty Python and have hair like Phil Spector. Although I would like to do the experiments myself, I am A) too lazy and B) reluctant to destroy my kitchen, so these will have to do.

Check out the Gallium Beating Heart. And also check out these WNYC Radiolab shows (this one and I think this one too) that feature the Periodic Table.

[Photo by denn]

For other non-chemical Periodic Tables, check out Mental Floss. And check out today's Recession This!

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