Friday, November 6, 2009

Jumbotron On Your Laptop

After some technical difficulties, I have finally been able to upload all four of the Big Ten Network Commercials I shot about a month and a half ago (and first mentioned here).

You can see them full quality on YouTube, on my website, or in little blogger videos below:

#1) First Rule

#2) Email

#3) My Hero

#4) Silence

Monday, November 2, 2009

Hunting & Gathering tonight @ Walkerspace

Very excited to be reading Astor in Brooke Berman's Hunting & Gathering with No Name Theater Company tonight at 8pm at Walkerspace. Producer Jay Spece and director Michelle Tattenbaum have pulled together a great crew, including Gideon Banner, Emily Vaughan, and Maren Langdon; it should be an enjoyable evening.

Walkerspace is located at 46 Walker Street, NYC
between Broadway and Church St.

Take the N, R trains to Canal Street;
A, C, E trains to Canal Street.

Admission is free; details here.