Sunday, March 29, 2009

Buitoni Booking from the Universe

Right before getting karate-chopped in the crotch by a prepubescent in a unitard (well, maybe not right before, but earlier in the week) I decided that I would step it up and go to five auditions a week for the month of April.
I didn't think I was going to make it, despite going to two (2) EPAs*, which both went well (one for Pennsylvania Centre Stage and another for Barnstomers Theater); (3) an appointment at Metropolitan Playhouse for their upcoming production of It Pays To Advertise; and, finally, a (4) Saturday appointment for Jeffrey with The Play's The Thing.
I was going to be just one shy, when my agent called me Friday with a last minute audition at Stark Naked Productions for a demo commercial for Buitoni. That makes five! I'm not one to believe too heavily in asking the universe for a new car and getting one, but I have to admit I had put it out there and voila! got five auditions. And then I even booked the Buitoni gig!

In other great news: Kevin Tor, the writer and co-creator of my web series NoBuddies got some recognition from Z100 and NJ's 106.3 for "Butterface," his parody of Lady GaGa's "Pokerface."

*EPA = Equity Principal Audition: open auditions required of producers by the stage actors' union, Actors' Equity, whereby any member of the union can sign up for an appointment and be seen (and, hopefully, considered) for the play(s) the producer is casting.

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