Thursday, January 22, 2009

More Machinima + Mommy's Not a Pole Dancer, Sweetie

More Machinima
I made some corrections to the Señor Nugget post, since GamePlay HD is no more. It now has a link to the YouTube page where most of the sketches ended up.

I see machinima everywhere now. Even my pal, Kevin Tor, is in on it. Check out this video someone did of his comic version of Hey There, Delilah (though I still like Tom Jones's version better):

And here's Kevin's original video:

Mommy's Not a Pole Dancer, Sweetie
Alright, when I started this I told you (you = the one or two friends of mine actually reading this blog) it was going to consist of other stuff I found. (I'm not lazy, I'm busy. No, really.) Anyway, I found this hilarious post on Non Fat Venting With Whip (which I found because she also follows Kevin Tor's blog).

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