Monday, January 5, 2009

Alarm Bells & Wacky Germans

All right, new year, new blog. I'll try to keep them short and hopefully you will find something of interest in each one, whether they're my thoughts or (more likely) things I find interesting to link to.

Like this one. Foreign Policy magazine's "Think Again" section is a pithy dissection of popularly held beliefs on various topics. This issue's topic is one important to me: Climate Change. Read it -- the parts about the Arctic ice melt that is decades ahead of predictions, the coming wars for food and resources -- and you won't think we can sit on our hands any longer.

On a lighter note: even though I studied German and speak it and like things German, this New Year's I was surprised to learn of the German tradition of watching Dinner for One on New Year's. Go figure.
picture © Nicolas Raymond

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