Thursday, May 21, 2009

Back in Action

I have been back at the acting thing (not that I ever left) with a vengenance the past few weeks. Here's what I am working on recently/right now:

Animal Planet: shot a day for their upcoming Parasites miniseries (I play a doctor, not a tapeworm).NoBuddies: I know we are a little behind, but Episode 10 should be edited and up soon!
Karen Kohlhaas Directing Class: Ms. Kohlhaas, a co-founder of the Atlantic Theater Company, is teaching a Directing Class. For me it's a free scene study class, with the opportunity to audit the class on those days that we're performing our scene. I am having a great time working on the final scene from Days of Wine and Roses by J.P. Miller with Katherine McDonald and direction from Keri Seymour.

Auditioning: In addition to the seven (7) auditions I did for the above-mentioned directing class, I have gone to two EPAs for the Summer Play Festival. I've also read for a History Channel show, a Columbia student film (called back), a Stride Gum commercial and a Canon commercial. I also auditioned for Cake Productions' upcoming Modern Dance for Beginners. I was called back last night and had just as much fun as I had at the initial audition (which is to say a lot). Counting all those up (and including callbacks), I have averaged about four auditions a week for the month of May.

Proofreading: I gotta pay the mortgage somehow. I have recently begun proofreading and am happily working on my second project for Scholastic Inc.

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