Friday, April 30, 2010

Red Letter Day

Went out with the wife to the Lower East Side last night. Originally we were headed to Gallery 151 for an Art & Aromatherapy lecture, since those two topics hit Jody's areas of interest and expertise.Unfortunately the lecture was canceled due to illness, but we were happy to check out the current installation (and the current space -- Gallery 151 is a moving gallery, so check out this show at 311 E. 11th before the end of the month).
After chatting with the artist and the owner and the gallerist, we decided to grab a bite to eat in the neighborhood. Since our friends Guy & Sara used to live there, we asked them.
Motorino was the first recommendation and we lucked out: the 30 minute wait ended up being only 7, and we got the prime table by the windoor (or whatever you call a floor-to-ceiling window open to the street). We had the warm & spicy octopus & potato starter, a salad and Jody had the spicy soppressata pizza and I had the special with ramps. The look big, but the thin Neapolitan crust makes it very easy to finish a whole pie by yourself. This is perhaps the best in the city (Jody had heard of it but somehow I had not). Do yourself a favor and check it out.
This all followed Jody winning a cool new lamp for our apartment on Apartment Therapy and being featured in yet another Etsy showcase.